Chloé Lep is a French Tattoo Artist and Tarot Reader. Her work respects the ancient, traditional belief that a tattoo is a magic portal, with the power to transform our spirit, our vision, our identity. They are talismans : a visible door into the invisible.

She uses the tarot cards to open the dialog with your dreamworld. Many people want a tattoo without knowing what or why. The cards shed light and put names on our impulses, our patterns, our needs. Her process involves a pre-interview then a time to let things decant a little, and listen to the messages sent by your dreams and daydreams.

Chloé feeds her practice with an extensive study of legends and myths, growing food, kung fu, solo traveling, non-violent communication, meditation, dancing, Rumi’s poetry, blogging.

Chloé is a traveler who has lived five years in South America, written a book about her travels, taken part in several exhibitions, shot documentaries, lived on the beach, and documented all this in vivid watercolors. She is currently based in Somerset, England.

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