tattoo process


I believe a tattoo is a magic portal, with the power to transform our spirit, our vision, our identity. They are talismans : a visible door into the invisible.

Precise ideas for the design are not necessary.

My work process involves a pre-interview, where we meet/videochat to see how we get along. I show you my drawings, we talk about what’s going on in your life. Maybe we ask the cards what you need – they usually have things to say.

You then go home and pay attention to your dreams, your daydreams for the next days. They will also have things to say. After receiving a deposit, I get started on sketches.

All my tattoos are unique pieces. They are performed during a ritual in an intimate and peaceful workspace.

If you feel like you are in a particularly important moment of change, we can perform a Sunrise Tattoo Ritual. We will meditate at sunrise, do yoga, a long tarot reading and other activities to prepare your body and soul for the tattoo experience.

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